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Chronic Disease Management

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Chronic Disease Management

roomDesert Bloom Family Practice provides wellness care  and disease prevention to our patients as our core services, but we are also very aware of each individuals health challenges. We are here to manage your symptoms and to minimize any long lasting effects of your health condition.  Our providers are specifically trained to manage and treat all chronic conditions such as hypertension (HTN), cholesterol problems, thyroid problems, musculoskeletal disorders, endocrine disorders such as diabetes, adrenal fatigue, skin disorders, menstrual disorders, pulmonary (lung) disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, and many more; the list of health concerns we can manage goes on and on. We are here for you to discover, evaluate, manage, observe and  treat any health concerns you may encounter in your lifetime.

We have specialized skills in skin procedures such as lesion removal or biopsy, large joint steroid injections, and trigger point therapy for chronic pain and inflammation relief. We involve our on-site massage therapist when needed to gain mobility and pain relief.  In addition to the care you receive at Desert bloom, you will be afforded a whole team of specialist that we have created professional, collaborative and long lasting relationships that are also quickly available to you when needed. Our greatest desire is to care for ALL of your current and future health care needs in a kind, efficient, accurate and respectful manner.