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Health Topic #1 - Breast Cancer Awareness

Well here it is October 4, 2010. It is hard to believe Desert Bloom Family Practice has been open almost one month now. We have been so busy, but smiling all the way.

We have seen a steady stream of patients, for that we are grateful. For all those patients that have found Marguerite and I, that have come to see us and share in our dreams and our belief in what primary care looks like, we are so joyful. The wonders of social networking and word of mouth!

We are seeing new patients nearly daily and feel so honored in their perseverance to continue to seek “good providers, that listen, are honest, care about patients and good at what they do”. You have put your trust in us to see what we may have to offer. This is always a gift. Keep coming, we are in the business of helping you reach your max potential towards a healthier you!

We had our open house with an amazing turn out. We had music, food, a jumping castle, free chair massages, and the wonderful people of the Southern Arizona Mustang Club came out to support us for a “Patient’s Choice Award” car show. We had a terrific time and are so glad to share our joy with our community.

With this mini update I want to announce our plans to have a monthly health topic posted on our website. The way it will work is we will post a health topic on our website monthly in which you can post questions to for the entire month.

In observance of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month we would like to post some information about breast cancer.

Q: Do you know the latest recommendation for breast cancer screening?

A: Despite recent spin in the national news from “medical experts”, the American Cancer Society continues to recommend annual screening with mammography and monthly self breast exams for women 40 years of age and older.

Q: What is a Mammogram:

A: A mammogram is a special imaging test that specifically looks at breast tissue. Mammograms don’t prevent breast cancer, but they can save lives by finding breast cancer as early as possible.

Q: How do I do a monthly self breast exam (MSBE)?

A: Click this link and you will be guided through a self breast exam

Q: What are my risk factors?

A: Risk factors you can’t change: heredity, being female, natural aging, race and ethnicity (white women have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer, although African American women have a higher chance of not surviving breast cancer), and DES exposure in utero.

Risk factors you can change: obesity, alcohol consumption (more than one alcoholic beverage per day), smoking, oral contraceptive pills, and prolonged hormone replacement therapy after menopause are all risk factors you can change. Maintaining a healthy weight, daily exercise (10 miles of walking per week) and breast feeding your baby for 1-1/2 years help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

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