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HGC: Is It Right For Me?

Have you observed your weight creeping up by 5-10 pounds each passing year, despite your “two salads a day” and “go to the gym after work” regime?  Have the holidays been unkind to your waistline? Are you tired of attending weekly weigh-ins, purchasing expensive pre-packaged foods, and having your diet books collect dust on your bookshelves?

Would you like to lose 20-25 pounds of excess weight by Valentine’s Day? Would you like the weight loss to be permanent and excess fat deposits in those “trouble” areas to disappear?  Are you in search of a weight loss plan that doesn’t make you feel tired, weak, irritable, or ravenous? Are you ready to make a change for better health and longevity?

Our Medically Guided HCG Weight Loss Plan could be right for you!

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is part of an all-natural medical weight loss program designed and supervised specifically for you by the Nurse Practitioner.    HCG triggers the body’s internal mechanism to burn excess stored fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.  A daily dose of HCG, combined with a specific eating plan for up to 40 days, creates a unique weight loss, one that can be permanent, and can also improve the shape of your body, by burning the excess fat deposits from your hips, thighs, and abdomen.  Our HCG Weight Loss Plan keeps you feeling good while stored fat is released into the bloodstream and out of your body!

HCG can help you lose up to a pound per day!  Our clients lose an average of 24 pounds in one month.  As well, for many clients, their diabetes, blood pressure, and joint pain all improve dramatically!  By reducing your weight, you can begin to see lasting health benefits, including a reduction in necessary medications for conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and joint pain.  Imagine the many health benefits that you may experience as a result of permanently losing up to 25 pounds of excess weight, on a safe and medically supervised plan.

Our HCG Weight Loss Plan includes daily correspondence and lifestyle coaching, as well as ongoing support during and after your 30 day regime is complete.  From an HCG support group, to coaching on calorie reduction, food choices, and exercise programs, we are here to assist with your weight-loss goals.         We monitor you every step of the way, providing individualized support, lifestyle modifications, and even a cookbook and eating-out menu suggestions to support you with your dietary selections!

Don’t wait for another 10 pounds—get started on our medically supervised HCG Weight Loss Plan today!  You will be pleasantly surprised at the differences in this attempt at weight loss:  The plan is simple, short, and it is guided by medical professionals!  Let this be the year that you take a significant step towards personal wellness, by permanently losing the excess weight, and developing lifetime skills to maintain your weight loss.

Marguerite Havlis, FNP-C Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Desert Bloom Family Practice

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